Our Mission Statement

East Meets West Children's Foundation seeks to improve the lives of abandoned children:

a) To provide support for children in Canada, India and other countries, as resources permit.

b) To provide funding to children for day-to-day physical health, hygiene, dental, health and education; to improve their well-being.

c) To provide similar and related services for the benefit of children in Canada, India and other countries as determined by our membership.

d) To do all such things as may be necessary or conducive to the attainment of these purposes.

Who We Are

Left to right: Board Member Mike Hill, Medha Prabhu, Andy Virk, Sharon Shepherd, Supporter Kamlesh Patel, Board member Kam Boparai, Mohini Singh, Raghwa Gopal, Pam Samaddar, Supporter Padma Patel.
Missing  Board members Garry Benson, Ryan Smith, Biki Kochar, Harjeet Sangha

In 2008 a group of business leaders and concerned citizens came together to support a little girl who was saved from the harsh streets of Kolkata and found her forever family in Canada. Seeing this beautiful little girl thrive was the necessary inspiration for this group to establish a charity to help other children out of similarly desperate situations and into their forever families. The East Meets West Orphans Foundation was established in 2008 and was shortly thereafter registered as a Charity through the Government of Canada.


Cheryl Knight a long-time supporter of East meets West visited Navajeevan during her visit to India (Feb 2017)

Nava Jeevan HomeNap TimeNava Jeevan Home Cheryl Knight

We arrived at the Nava Jeevan Home today during the children's nap time and were unable to wait or return later when the children would be awake.
The Superintendent, Gouri Sahana was very gracious and offered tea.
She thanked us very much for the clothes and gifts.
I signed the Guest Book and noted your donation of clothes from East Meets West for the rescue babies in another book.
She was very kind to allow us to see the boys having their nap.  I have totally fallen in love with the two little boys sleeping together.
It was very obvious how much the staff love and care for the children.
Thank you so much for arranging this special visit.


2115 Bennett Road
Kelowna, B.C.